Jewish Journeys 12/8/14

Jewish Journeys Travel Tips 12/08/2014 Shavua Tov! Check here for any weather related class cancellations. Notifications will be posted by 3:30 pm. Mindfulness and What We Eat   Judaism, at its very core, is all about mindfulness. When we are mindful we live consciously and with intent. Mindfulness means slowing down, paying attention, being grateful, taking

JJ 12/01/2014

Jewish Journeys Travel Tips 12/01/2014 Shavua Tov!   This week’s video is a lively, entertaining video about, of all things, kashrut! I’m sure you have  loads of questions like “How do I keep a kosher house? How do I find kosher food in a grocery store? What happens if I make a mistake?” Watch the

Jewish Journeys Education Program 2014/2015

Remember to register for Religious School by September 30, 2014 Register online by clicking here!  Religious School 5775 (2014-15) Wednesdays 5:00 – 7:30 p.m. Welcome to the Jewish Journeys Educational Program! We offer programs for every age, from birth to 3 year olds, pre-k – b’nai mitzvah, teens, and adults. Join us for a lovingly-cooked,