Jewish Journeys Travel Tips 4/24/2016


Jewish Journeys Travel Tips



This Week:

Wednesday April 20 –  School Seder

5:30pm  – 7:30pm         School Passover Seder for Parents and Students.  Join us in the Social Hall for a Passover Seder including Matzah Pizza, songs, and stories!



Mark Your Calendars!!!

Thursday April 28        Friendship Feast   April Class Helpers – Kitah Alef

Wednesday May 4      There will be no regular classes that evening.  Parents and Students will meet off-site at the Anne Frank Memorial at 5:30 for a Jewish Community Holocaust Remembrance Service.  Immediately following the service PJ Kids and their parents (parents not required!) are invited to join us for a 15-20 minute brainstorming session (at the Anne Frank Memorial).  Bring your ideas about what you want to do next year.

How do you want to use PJ to:

  • Have fun with your friends?
  • Learn a new skill?
  • Take a field trip?
  • Dance and sing?
  • _______________________(YOUR IDEA HERE)